Bloomberg Radio - Sound On: Trade Talks, North Korea + 2020 Campaigns


Self-promo alert: I was on Bloomberg Radio last night.

I joined Bloomberg Chief Washington Correspondent Kevin Cirilli and Ben Chang, former White House National Security Council director of communications in a wide-ranging discussion covering current global and domestic political issues such as:

- CIA on Instagram

- Zlatan Ibrahimović

- UN Arms Trade Treaty

- Ford Motor Company + USCMA

- Speaker Nancy Pelosi + Impeachment

- White House Correspondents Dinner + Prince

- Globalization + Politics + US agricultural exports

- Prime Minister Shinzō Abe weekend at the White House

- Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un meeting with President Vladimir Putin

You can listen to the nearly 50-minute episode - here.

Bloomberg Radio: Sound On: Trade, Fed, and Mueller

Bloomberg Chief Washington Correspondent Kevin Cirilli spoke with Mattie Duppler, Senior Fellow at the National Taxpayers Union and former Coalitions Director for the House GOP Conference, and Marc Ross, founder of Caracal Global.

You can listen here:


Bloomberg Sound ON: Trump tariffs, national emergency, and Amazon (Podcast)


Bloomberg Chief Washington Correspondent Kevin Cirilli delivers insight and analysis on the latest headlines from the White House and Capitol Hill, including conversations with influential lawmakers and key figures in politics and policy.

Kevin discussed the fallout from Amazon’s decision to drop their NYC expansion plans, Trump’s national emergency declaration to build a wall and the progress on trade talks with China with guests Marc Ross, founder of Caracal Global and Bloomberg News Congressional reporter Anna Edgerton.

Listen here:

Interview: US-China commercial relations


Last night I spoke with Elaine Reyes (CGTN America - China 24) on the state of US-China commercial relations, tariffs, global supply chains, Election 2018, Apple, and Starbucks.

You can watch the clip here: