Interview: US-China commercial relations


Last night I spoke with Elaine Reyes (CGTN America - China 24) on the state of US-China commercial relations, tariffs, global supply chains, Election 2018, Apple, and Starbucks.

You can watch the clip here:

Trump's tariffs + American Allies


Last Friday, I joined Iain Begg, a London School of Economics professor, and LIU Baocheng, the director of University of International Business and Economics, on CGTN's World Insight program to discuss the Trump administration's plan to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on the EU, Canada, and Mexico. 

World Insight Anchor Tian Wei lead a discussed focused on Trump's attempt to protect American jobs and how this action is risking relations with Washington's top allies.

A great look at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and American politics with perspectives from Brussels, Beijing, and DC.

You can watch the 18-minute discussion below: 

China's IPR Challenge

CGTN America 042418.png

I spoke with Rachelle Akuffo on CGTN-America's Global Business program regarding steps Beijing can take to improve intellectual property rights for companies selling good and services to Chinese consumers.

It's a big challenge for China, but an issue that the nation must address if it hopes to move up the economic development ladder and ensure consumer safety.