China, Catalonia, Canada, California

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September 11, 2019
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China, Catalonia, Canada, California


✔️ Scotland’s highest court rules prorogation of parliament unlawful

✔️ Canada to fire starting gun for October general election

✔️ “It’s too easy to drive in this city”

✔️ California passes labor bill in blow to Uber and Lyft

✔️ Fighting Instagram's $1.3 billion problem—fake followers


Hong Kong Stock Exchange bids nearly $37 billion for London rival: WSJ reports, a deal would unite two of the world’s major trading hubs when both are under severe political pressure, with Hong Kong reeling from a summer of violent protests and London gripped by political paralysis.

US businesses say China’s slowdown is a greater threat than trade war: WSJ reports, US companies are downshifting in China as its economy slows and trade tensions with the US persist, according to a new survey.

For years, US companies in Shanghai have been steadfastly optimistic about opportunities in China. That’s starting to change.

The annual survey, released Wednesday by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, showed that 51% of the business lobby’s responding members said US and Chinese tariffs had hurt revenue.

China suspends import tariffs on some US goods: FT reports, the move comes ahead of the latest round of talks aimed at easing trade tensions.

Inside Huawei's secret plan to beat American trade war sanctions: Nikkei reports, mobilizing Asian suppliers for a production surge, Chinese company leads a split from US technology.

James Crabtree: Southeast Asian companies fear China reaching beyond its borders

Treatment of Cathay Pacific highlights risks for angering Beijing.

Energy 'transition' the buzzword, but a fossil future for the Gulf: AFP reports, in the vast air-conditioned halls of an Abu Dhabi conference center, the world's much-vaunted transition to clean energy is the buzzword in sessions of a top industry gathering. But many executives and officials from oil-dependent Gulf states insist that while the change to renewables is essential, fossil fuels remain the future at least for the next few decades, despite the urgent need to fight climate change.

Separatists to rally in Barcelona on Catalonia's 'national day': AFP reports, divided after their failed 2017 secession bid, Catalonia’s separatists will hold a rally in Barcelona on Wednesday that will test their strength before a Spanish court in October serves verdicts against the leaders of the independence push. Since 2012, separatists have held massive rallies on September 11, Catalonia’s “national day”, which marks the fall of Barcelona to Spain in 1714. Organizers say a million people took part in past “Diada” rallies.

UK parliament suspension is ruled unlawful by Scottish court: WSJ reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for several weeks has been ruled unlawful by Scotland’s highest civil court, a decision that shunts the issue to the UK’s Supreme Court for a final ruling.

Scotland’s highest court rules prorogation of parliament unlawful: FT reports, Court of Session will not look to recall MPs before UK Supreme Court has final say.

The Times: Parliament suspension ‘unlawful’

Constitutional crisis as Scottish court rules against Johnson.

When Boris Johnson does get his wish for an early general election, it is widely believed that he will wage a “people versus parliament” contest, casting himself as the defender of the 2016 referendum result against a cadre of MPs determined to resist it.

Maduro starts military exercises, warns Colombia: DW reports, Venezuelan President Maduro has accused Colombia of plotting his overthrow, while Bogota said Venezuela harbors and backs rogue rebel fighters. The US offered Colombia its "full support" against any attempted aggression.

Canada's Trudeau, star dimmed by scandals, kicks off tough re-election campaign: Reuters reports, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, admired abroad for his progressive policies but damaged by scandals at home, kicks off a six-week re-election campaign on Wednesday with opinion polls suggesting his hold on power will be weakened.

Guardian: Canada to fire starting gun for October general election

Justin Trudeau to request dissolution of parliament.

‘Divisions have never been starker’ before 21 October polling day.


Electric cars dominate Frankfurt Auto Show: WSJ reports, European automakers have plowed billions of dollars into developing new hybrid and plug-in electric models. Now they are ready for dealerships.

A longtime fitness editor does some soul searching: One of the leading labs in health and food science is under fire for shoddy research. The implications for the science community and journalists who report on the field are vast. But how much does the research matter for the average person?

WSJ: As bus ridership plummets in Los Angeles, efforts to boost it hit speed bumps

LA Metro tries to solve the problem of long bus rides: ‘I could’ve been there three times by now.’

“It’s too easy to drive in this city,” said Phil Washington, the chief executive of LA Metro. “We want to reach the riders that left and get to the new ones as well. And part of that has to do with actually making driving harder.”


She fled the 68th floor. She’s finally dealing with 9/11 trauma. NYT reports, she had a foreclosure and two drunken-driving convictions before she was diagnosed with PTSD.

Bolton’s exit removes a counterweight to Trump’s foreign policy: WSJ reports, John Bolton’s departure as White House national security adviser makes it more likely President Trump will redouble his personal diplomacy with Iran and other countries and world actors, international officials and foreign policy experts said.

Bolton wore out his welcome at Trump’s White House: FT reports, the foreign policy hawk clashed with president on Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Afghanistan.

Doubts about loyalty, accusations of leaks bring Bolton’s Trumpian end: WP reports, Trump decided to remove his national security adviser after accusations that John Bolton had leaked to the media, tried to drag others into his battles with the secretary of state, and promoted his own views over the president’s, people familiar with the matter said.

WSJ - Editorial: John Bolton resigns: The White House loses a voice willing to disagree with the President.

US senators warn China could gain sensitive tech via Hong Kong: FT reports, US senators have warned that US export controls may not be strong enough to stop China acquiring “secure sensitive technologies” through Hong Kong, and has asked the Trump administration to review the laws. A group of bipartisan lawmakers, including Jim Risch and Bob Menendez, the Republican chairman and top Democrat on the senate foreign relations committee, and Mike Crapo and Sherrod Brown, the chairman and top Democrat on the senate banking committee, are among those calling for the review.

WP - Oped: Reps Anna G. Eshoo + Adam B. Schiff: China’s grip on pharmaceutical drugs is a national security issue

Republican Dan Bishop wins North Carolina congressional seat: WSJ reports, voters in a conservative congressional district picked President Trump ally Republican Dan Bishop in a special election instead of a Democrat who had promised to seek compromise in Washington.

As Democratic White House hopefuls debate in Houston, party eyes lower-tier gains in Texas: Reuters reports, while 10 Democratic presidential contenders debate in Houston on Thursday, the party is eyeing gains farther down the ballot in Texas next year in races for the US House of Representatives and state legislature, party strategists and political experts say.

Poll finds Trump well behind Biden and Sanders, slightly trailing Warren and Harris: WP reports, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that tested President Trump against five candidates seeking the Democratic nomination, he trails significantly or modestly in four of those cases.

California bill makes app-based companies treat workers as employees: NYT reports, the state’s ride-hailing drivers, food-delivery couriers, janitors and others are set to be reclassified as employees and not contractors.

California passes labor bill in blow to Uber and Lyft: FT reports, the law would make it harder to prove workers are contractors not employees.


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Peloton eyes $8bn valuation in IPO.

Uber cuts more than 400 engineering and product jobs: FT reports, the second round of lay-offs since IPO comes as car-booking company tries to stay competitive.

VW leads charge in race to electrify market: The Times reports, a little over 80 years from its creation, Volkswagen has unveiled the opening of what it calls its “third chapter”, a new people’s car, the ID.3, for the electric revolution.

Amazon probed by US antitrust officials over marketplace: Bloomberg reports, the FTC is interviewing merchants to determine whether the e-commerce giant is using its market power to hurt competition.

Fighting Instagram's $1.3 billion problem—fake followers: Wired reports, as influencers strive for ever-higher engagement numbers, the battle between fake followers and fake-follower-detection tools is turning into an arms race.

Apple is launching its Apple TV+ original video subscription service on 1 November in more than 100 countries and regions at a price of $4.99.

The psychology of beer (and wine, too): How we consume beer, wine, and spirits is changed by the shape and size of the glass.

The researchers attribute the difference to the difficulty of estimating the halfway point in the curvy glass.


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