Gibraltar, Greenland, Singapore, Memphis, Los Angeles, St. Louis

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August 16, 2019
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Gibraltar, Greenland, Singapore, Memphis, Los Angeles, St. Louis


✔️ Once Britain is out of the EU, it is out

✔️ #Greenlnd: We're open for business, not for sale❄️🗻🐳🦐🇬🇱

✔️ Lee Jeans is a 130-year-old apparel brand

✔️ To cheat and lie in LA: Inside the college-admissions scandal

✔️ MLS plans to announce St. Louis for an expansion club


AP: China threatens retaliation if US tariff hikes go ahead

Shawn Tully: Trump thinks he is winning the trade war. The data tell a different story

Chinese amass troops in stadium near Hong Kong: FT reports, thousands of paramilitary police gather in stadium on border with territory.

Inside China's global entertainment ambitions -- and what might get in the way: Variety reports, the numbers always dazzle in China. The country has more than 60,000 movie screens, the most of any nation on Earth, almost all built within the last 10 years. It boasts more paid subscribers to streaming-video services than the rest of the globe combined, and Netflix doesn't even operate there.

Taiwan sharply boosts defense budget amid China tension: Reuters reports, Taiwan unveiled its largest defense spending increase in more than a decade on Thursday amid rising military tensions with its giant neighbor China, which considers the self-ruled island its own and has not renounced the use of force against it.

North Korea insists that talks with South Korea are over, and launched two short-range ballistic missiles this morning.

Japan largest US creditor: Japan has again surpassed China as America's largest overseas creditor, a record it last held in 2016. After adding about $21B since May, Tokyo now holds $1.12T of Treasurys vs. Beijing's $1.11T. Japan has again surpassed China as America's largest overseas creditor, a record it last held in 2016. After adding about $21B since May, Tokyo now holds $1.12T of Treasurys vs. Beijing's $1.11T.

Gibraltar releases Iranian tanker despite US legal moves: FT reports, court in British overseas territory rules that Grace 1 tanker seized last month is free to leave.

US arranges secret talks between Israel, UAE over Iran: WSJ reports, Washington prods longtime adversaries on intelligence sharing, military cooperation against a common threat.

Israel blocks visit by two US lawmakers: FT reports, Trump had earlier said that they should be barred for their views on Israel.

David Allen Green: Once Britain is out of the EU, it is out: The delusion of retrospective legislation on Brexit is dangerous. The United Kingdom will leave the EU by automatic operation of law on October 31 2019, unless something dramatic happens. Given the current fluid and erratic nature of British politics there is a chance that such an intervention will happen, and that exit is postponed again or the withdrawal process is even then revoked. But if the UK does leave the EU on that date, the departure will change the legal position absolutely. The EU treaties will cease to apply and, as a matter of international law, the UK will no longer be a member state. Membership of the EU is binary, and the UK will be on the outside.

Pound back above $1.21 on strong data and Brexit hopes: FT reports, beleaguered currency set for its best day under prime minister Boris Johnson.

AP: Russian pilot safely lands jetliner disabled by bird strike

Salvini stumbles
: The Economist reports, Italy’s would-be strongman suddenly looks more vulnerable. But nothing is predictable about Italian politics.

Sinking Argentina: Barring a miracle for incumbent Mauricio Macri, populist rival Alberto Fernández is likely to be elected Argentina’s president in October.

Trump eyes a new real-estate purchase: Greenland: WSJ reports, in conversations with aides, the president has—with varying degrees of seriousness—floated the idea of the US buying the autonomous Danish territory.

@GreenlandMFA: #Greenland is rich in valuable resources such as minerals, the purest water and ice, fish stocks, seafood, renewable energy and is a new frontier for adventure tourism. We're open for business, not for sale❄️🗻🐳🦐🇬🇱


Space tourism: At Spaceport America, Virgin Galactic's "Gateway to Space" building is now functionally operational, ready to host remaining test flights before welcoming its very first future astronauts.


Alarm bells: Bloomberg reports, the growing odds of a recession before the 2020 election threaten to crush Trump’s hopes of a second term. Such a scenario would be a political gift to Democrats, who have avoided talking about the nearly full employment and low inflation so far in Trump's presidency.

@thehill: AIPAC breaks with Netanyahu, slams Israel move to ban entry to Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

O'Rourke: We will 'die in our sleep' if we don't confront Trump threat: Politico reports, restarting his presidential campaign in El Paso, O'Rourke also called for a controversial, mandatory buyback of assault weapons.

CNN: Marianne Williamson promoted anti-vaxxer theories on her radio show in 2012 episode

Nine Democrats have made the third debate so far:

Joe Biden
Pete Buttigieg
Kamala Harris
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Cory Booker
Beto O’Rourke
Amy Klobuchar
Andrew Yang


Brigadoon Detroit 2019 | Salon Dinner + Tour
October 3-4

Brigadoon is bringing together a peerless group of entrepreneurs and thought leaders for our second annual event in Detroit, Michigan.

We will gather for a special dinner and discussion at the Shinola Hotel's San Morello restaurant on Thursday, October 3 and enjoy morning tours of the College for Creative Studies (CCS) and the Shinola watch production facility on Friday, October 4.

More details + tickets - here.


BuzzFeed's Chief Marketing Officer Ben Kaufman is stepping down from his position at the end of the year but will stay on as an adviser to the company.

The Verge: Facebook movie ads will now include ticket and showtime details

Lee Jeans, the 130-year-old apparel brand, is doubling its digital budget this year, increasing its digital ad spend to account for 80% of its budget in 2019 versus roughly 40% in 2018.

Amazon is launching a new donations program, called FBA Donations, for third-party sellers that store their inventory in Amazon's warehouses in the US and UK, CNBC has learned.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific caught in storm over protest movement: FT reports, backlash from Chinese consumers and authorities threatens Swire group profits.

Cathay Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg has resigned following controversy over employees' participation in the Hong Kong protests. One of his deputies, Paul Loo, also resigned—the board said it was time for new leadership at the Hong Kong flag carrier.

Netflix global real estate grab: How the streamer is expanding from London to Singapore: THR reports, from sizable investments in studio facilities to high-end office spaces in some of the world's priciest neighborhoods, the company is quickly building a robust physical presence around the globe - and exporting its unique corporate culture in the process.

GE tumble: Harry Markopolos, the financial examiner who once raised concerns over fraudster Bernie Madoff, has now claimed that GE has been engaging in "accounting fraud" by hiding losses.

Coinbase may soon be storing 5% of all the Bitcoin in circulation—worth over $7 billion—thanks to its $55 million purchase of Xapo's under-a-Swiss-mountain custody business.

Tesla hints at an upcoming partnership with Spotify for its drivers.

Disney's Toy Story 4 becomes its 5th movie this year to pass $1B at the global box office.

Shira Ovide: WeWork IPO shows it’s the most magical unicorn: Everything about the company is over-the-top: its growth, losses, potential conflicts of interest and financial gymnastics.


OTD: In 1977 Elvis Presley is found dead at his Graceland mansion in Memphis at age 42.

Spectator to launch US print magazine year after going transatlantic online: Press Gazette reports, The Spectator is set to launch a print edition in the United States for the first time, one year after unveiling a new website aimed at North American readers.

Podcast listening has reached a zenith- thanks to millennials: LAT reports, podcasts, once a niche category, continue to surge in popularity thanks to millennials who are listening to audio programs on the go.

To cheat and lie in LA: Inside the college-admissions scandal: Vanity Fair reports, bogus applications. Forged ACT tests. Dubious extracurriculars polished to a sheen. How the parents involved in the college-admissions scandal became drawn into Rick Singer's web, lusting after the most crooked education money could buy. It was so not like Jane Buckingham to behave this way.

OTD: In 1954 Sports Illustrated is first published by Time Inc.

Why and how have beauty pageants endured? A portrait of six queens of the modern age


MLS reportedly plans to announce that St. Louis has secured an expansion club.

Enjoy the ride + plan accordingly.


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