Hong Kong, US-China Trade, Sterling Pound, Liberal-Moderate Divide, Grindr, Jill Ellis

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Marc Ross Daily
July 31, 2019
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Hong Kong, US-China Trade, Sterling Pound, Liberal-Moderate Divide, Grindr, Jill Ellis


✔️ Will Hong Kong be the next Tiananmen Square?

✔️ Johnson won’t back down on Brexit despite plunging pound

✔️ Ditching miniature shampoos

✔️ Dem Debate = Liberal-moderate divide emerges on core issues

✔️ Grindr revives IPO plan after US security panel drops opposition


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Trump steps up pressure on China to reach trade deal: WSJ reports, Chinese and US negotiators resumed trade talks, taking tentative steps to overcome mutual mistrust and limited political appetite for a breakthrough agreement after weeks of recriminations.

Trump backpedals on China threats as trade deal shows signs of fraying: WP reports, the president said a new deal with Beijing may not come until after the 2020 election, a significant departure from his earlier attempts to exert pressure on China.

China, US resume trade talks amid Trump’s ‘rip-off’ accusation: Bloomberg reports, just as the dinner started, Trump released a series of tweets lashing out at China.

Hong Kong authorities charge dozens with rioting, igniting clashes: WSJ reports, authorities charged 44 people with rioting, an offense that can carry a multiyear prison sentence, as the city’s Beijing-backed government takes a tougher stance to try to restore order after weeks of protests.

Clashes erupt in Hong Kong after 44 charged with rioting: FT reports, demonstrators gathered to demand the release of those arrested.

Claudia Rosett: The coming Hong Kong crackdown: The protests are the most stunning rebuke to Beijing since Tiananmen Square. They may end the same way.

Roger Boyes: Will Hong Kong be the next Tiananmen Square?Using violence would be the end ‘one country, two systems’ and any pretense of cuddly diplomacy.

Bloomberg: White House eyeing Chinese forces gathered on Hong Kong border

Chinese government calls protests ‘creation of the US’

Pompeo urged China to ‘do the right thing’ in handling unrest

Chinese nationalists bring threat of violence to Australia universities: NYT reports, a clash with Hong Kong supporters at a student protest could be a dark omen of what’s to come.

Chinese president’s cousin draws scrutiny in Australia: WSJ reports, Ming Chai, who is a cousin of Chinese President Xi Jinping and has been a high-stakes gambler, is on the radar of Australian authorities investigating organized crime, money laundering, and alleged Chinese influence-peddling.

Walter Russell Mead: Why Russia and China are joining forces: Moscow seems to have concluded that the door to the West is closed. The European Union is too weak, too indecisive and too liberal to serve as a strategic partner for Mr. Putin’s Russia. President Trump is too mercurial and Congress too hostile for the U.S. to meet Russia’s needs. That leaves a stark choice between an alliance with China and isolation.

Hal Brands: America is losing the battle of the Arctic: The Pentagon’s new Arctic Strategy is a step forward, but not enough to counter Russia and – yes — China.

Russia declares emergency over huge wildfires in Siberia: DW reports, raging wildfires have swallowed up an area bigger that the state of Belgium across Siberia, with smoke enveloping cities. Observers and activists slammed the Russian government for not responding earlier.

For a visit with Trump, Mongolia’s president is really ponying up: WSJ reports, when Trump meets with Mongolia’s president at the White House, it is the president’s youngest son who could walk—or trot—away a winner.

NYT: North Korea fires short-range missiles, its 2nd test in less than a week

Bloomberg: US urges Japan, South Korea to reach standstill in trade spat

US-China big power rivalry set for Bangkok staging
: AFP reports, the US-China rivalry is set to be sharpened at a Bangkok summit starting Wednesday, where Washington's top diplomat will insist his nation remains a key Asia-Pacific power in the face of Beijing's military machinations in contested seas and airspace. Foreign ministers from 10 Southeast Asian countries are meeting in the Thai capital this week. They will be joined by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Chinese and Russian counterparts, with old flashpoints in the disputed South China Sea and denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula set to dominate.

UK PM Johnson heads to Northern Ireland, Brexit's toughest riddle: Reuters reports, Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be confronted by the most intractable riddle of Brexit on Wednesday when he visits Northern Ireland on a nationwide tour to sell his plan to pull Britain out of the European Union with or without a deal.

Boris Johnson won’t back down on Brexit despite plunging pound: Bloomberg reports, PM Johnson refused to back down over his threat to take the UK out of the European Union without a deal, despite a growing backlash over the impact his strategy is having on the pound. Johnson’s office hinted on Tuesday that another round of Brexit talks might not happen at all, and has warned he won’t meet EU leaders for negotiations unless they agree to tear open the current divorce accord.

Stumbling sterling: The fall in the pound to close to its post-referendum lows is evidence of the market’s nervousness at the rising possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

Carmakers slash factory investment to spend on Brexit preparations: The Times reports, only £90 million of new investment was committed to automotive plants in Britain in the first half of the year as the industry diverted spending of at least £330 million to Brexit preparations.

Today: Final campaign day before the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, which could result in the Conservatives’ working majority being cut to one seat.

US formally asks Germany to 'help secure' Strait of Hormuz: DW reports, the US wants Germany to take part in a UK-proposed, European-led naval mission to protect ships sailing near Iran. German politicians were less than thrilled by the initiative, which aims to "combat Iranian aggression."

Brazil's Bolsonaro makes waves with dictatorship remarks: AFP reports, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday questioned the credibility of a truth commission that investigated human rights abuses under the country's brutal military dictatorship, suggesting it was politically influenced by the left. Bolsonaro's comments come a day after he taunted the head of the Brazilian Bar Association over his father, who disappeared during the 1964-85 military regime, saying he had information on what had happened to him.

Second Ebola case confirmed in DR Congo's Goma: DW reports, health officials fear an Ebola outbreak in the eastern DR Congo could spread in Goma. Earlier in July, the city of two million people registered its first case of the deadly virus.


Now calling balls and strikes: Robot umpires: WSJ reports, baseball’s future has arrived in the Atlantic League with the introduction of an automated strike zone. If the experiment goes well, the days of players imploring umps to schedule an eye exam could soon come to an end.

Ditching miniature shampoos: InterContinental Hotels said Tuesday that its nearly 843,000 guest rooms are switching to bulk-size bathroom amenities as part of an effort to cut waste. The transition is due to be completed in 2021.


Second Democratic debate hopefuls split on policy, path to defeating Trump: WSJ reports, progressive Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders defended themselves against several moderates trying to keep their campaigns alive during a Democratic presidential debate that showcased the party’s divide over how far the federal government should reach into people’s lives.

Sanders and Warren battle accusations of ‘free everything’: NYT reports, a group of moderate underdogs sought to dent the momentum of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic presidential primary.

LAT: Liberals Warren and Sanders unite against moderates

Sanders and Warren under attack in debate: Reuters reports, progressive candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren bore the brunt of attacks from more moderate rivals in the second round of Democratic debates, spotlighting the ideological divide among the party's crowded presidential field.

Bloomberg: Sanders and Warren hit over whether they can beat Trump

WP: Liberal-moderate divide emerges on core issues

Pretty sure this is a movie about Election 2020 = youtu.be/Hyag7lR8CPA

LAT: Six takeaways from Night 1 of the Democratic debate

Moral signaling through healthcare
Good news / bad news for Delaney
Warren's winning one-liners
Souped-up Sanders
Getting along on guns
Joe Biden - out of sight, out of mind

@OsitaNwanevu: Almost every American watching this debate is tied with John Delaney in national polling.

@TheDweck: Marianne Williamson: “If elected president, I vow to take down the Monterey Five”

WP: Winners and losers from Night 1 of the second Democratic debate


Elizabeth Warren
“Republican talking points”
CNN’s moderators
John Delaney
Pete Buttigieg
Marianne Williamson


The big Sanders vs. Warren clash
The format
Beto O’Rourke
Steve Bullock


Warren is legit.

Did Mayor Pete just sell me a timeshare?

Amy Klobuchar would probably be a good President. It won't matter.

I am seriously amazed Hickenlooper has won an election.

It might be the gravity of the situation, but he isn't commanding the stage.

"China has a 100-year plan." Hilarious. Aspirational isn't operational.

CMO = Chief Manufacturing Officer It's the end of the Czars?

How hated is Ted Cruz that Beto O'Rourke was able to be so successful in Texas?

If one needs to defeat the apex monster that is Team Trump, I am not sure Marianne Williamson is going to be the one to do it.

"I wrote the damn bill!" Not the most aspirational campaign message.

Anyone still not thinking that American politics is the ultimate reality show? It took over 100 people eight days to build the set for CNN’s Democratic debates. Nine 53-foot semi-trucks were needed to haul in all the equipment.

Who will be on stage tonight for round two:

Michael Bennet
Joe Biden
Bill de Blasio
Cory Booker
Julián Castro
Tulsi Gabbard
Kirsten Gillibrand
Kamala Harris
Jay Inslee
Andrew Yang

Young, Ivy League and data-driven: Why venture capitalists love Pete Buttigieg: Guardian reports, VC support for Mayor Pete seems to top that of other Democratic candidates with strong ties to the industry.

@PpollingNumbers: #NEW National Democratic Primary:

Warren 22% (+2)
Sanders 20%
Biden 20%
Harris 15%
Buttigieg 9%
Yang 3%
Klobuchar 3%
O'Rourke 2%
Gabbard 2%

California will require presidential candidates to hand over their tax returns in order to appear on the state’s primary election ballot, setting up a likely legal conflict with Trump over his continued refusal to disclose any tax documents.

Trump to visit Poland: Trump plans to visit Poland late next month to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. Trump will visit Warsaw from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 and will take part in ceremonies on Sept. 1.

Trump’s pick for top intelligence post overstated parts of his biography: NYT reports, aides revised old claims about Representative John Ratcliffe’s role in prosecuting a terrorism case.

Moscow Mitch’ tag enrages McConnell: NYT reports, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has typically embraced nasty nicknames. But criticism of his role in blocking election measures has taken hold in an unusual way.

Tucker fire explodes to 13,000 acres, becoming largest blaze in California this year.

Reuters: Pence says clock ticking on USMCA, but Democrats won't be rushed


Brigadoon Annapolis 2019 | Salon Dinner + Sailing
September 12-13

Topic: Thought Leader Mindset
Restaurant: Flamant
Sailing: Liberte, The Schooner

More details + tickets - here.

Brigadoon Los Angeles 2019 | Salon Dinner
September 26

Topic: Business Startup Strategy | Operations + Finance
Location: Jonathan Club - Beach (Santa Monica)

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Apple’s revenue rose as the tech giant offset a decline in iPhone sales with growth in other areas. Shares rose 4% after hours.

Samsung’s net profit dropped 53% during its second quarter, as consumers’ decreasing appetite for smartphones and other gadgets sapped demand for the company’s cash-cow components business.

Procter & Gamble reported its highest quarterly sales growth in more than a decade.

Grindr revives IPO plan after US security panel drops opposition: FT reports, China’s Beijing Kunlun Tech plans to list gay dating app on a foreign stock exchange.

Nikkei: Tesla's big tax bill: China to collect $320m from Shanghai plant

Victoria’s Secret has more than a Jeffrey Epstein problem
: Bloomberg reports, in the age of #MeToo and body positivity, the brand is increasingly out of step with today’s consumer.


WSJ: US women’s soccer coach stepping down

Jill Ellis is the only woman to coach back-to-back World Cup champions.

Basketball Africa League reveals debut season host cities: AFP reports, the NBA-backed Basketball Africa League (BAL) unveiled host cities Tuesday for its inaugural season, with Kigali, Rwanda, as the named host city for the first semi-final and championship games. Cairo, Egypt; Dakar, Senegal; Lagos, Nigeria; Luanda, Angola; Rabat, Morocco and a Tunisian city, Tunis or Monastir, were announced as the sites for BAL regular-season games. The BAL, featuring 12 club teams from across Africa, is set to begin play in March 2020.

Enjoy the ride + plan accordingly.


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