Queen Elizabeth II, Gen Zers, Digital Advocacy, Mac Pro, Keanu Reeves

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What I am watching today = June 4, 2019

Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

Reporting from Alexandria, Virginia 

Queen Elizabeth II, Gen Zers, Digital Advocacy, Mac Pro, Keanu Reeves


✔️ Trump is all insults and gripes as European trip begins

✔️ Teens put off getting their licenses and buying cars

✔️ GOP lawmakers mull vote to stop Trump’s tariffs on Mexico

✔️ FANG stocks plunged on the news of antitrust probes

✔️ Jay-Z is now considered a billionaire


LAT: Trump is all insults and gripes as European trip begins — until he meets the queen

"Trump set a cantankerous tone for his five-day European trip, tweeting out a series of attacks and complaints."

"Trump was, by contrast, gracious in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, whom he praised as the embodiment of “duty and patriotism.”"

Trump promises Britain a post-Brexit trade deal: Reuters reports, Trump promised Britain a substantial post-Brexit trade deal, quipping to outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May that she should stick around to clinch it though she is due to step down.

May to take tough line with Trump on China: The Times reports, PM Theresa May is set for a confrontation with Trump over Huawei on the second day of his state visit as she rebuffs US demands to block the Chinese company from a role in Britain’s 5G network.

Corbyn makes a very public stand against Trump visit.

Tory leadership race: James Cleverly has withdrawn from the Conservative leadership race because MPs are unwilling to “skip a generation” for the next prime minister.

OTD: In 1940, after the retreat from Dunkirk, Winston Churchill delivered a speech containing the famous line “We will fight them on the beaches . . .”; 

Mexico is exploring possible retaliation to the threat of US tariffs on all of its exports but would rather convince the Trump administration that a negotiated solution is in both countries’ best interest.

The Mexican peso fell further on Monday amid trade worries.

Trump’s Mexico tariffs leave US business reeling: FT reports, America’s business executives are struggling to figure out how the global trading system will be reshaped by Donald Trump’s policies after his decision last week to open a second front in his trade war by targeting Mexico.

Mexico was also the second biggest national exporter of goods to the US last year after China, which ships more than $500bn a year to America.

Brazil: Support for Bolsonaro has been deteriorating.

Kremlin dismisses Trump tweet on alleged Venezuela withdrawal: Reuters reports, the Kremlin said on Tuesday it didn't know where Trump had got the idea Moscow had removed most of its military specialists from Venezuela, who it said continued to work there.

Italian PM warns Salvini to stop causing trouble: The Times reports, Italy’s prime minister has threatened to resign unless his two deputies stop fighting each other, a move that shortens the odds on new elections being held in September.

Italy's manufacturing is in contraction mode, but the declines are moderating.

France chalked up the biggest number of manufacturing and R&D projects by foreign investors in Europe last year, a report said Tuesday, boosting President Emmanuel Macron's claim the country is increasingly open for business. EY counted 144 major research and development deals -- an 85 percent surge from 2017 -- and 339 manufacturing projects, pushing France past Germany or Britain for the first time.

Germany: SPD's simmering identity crisis erupts: DW reports, the resignation of Social Democratic leader Andrea Nahles reveals the drastic toll that long-term problems have taken on Germany's oldest political party. Part of the SPD's woes lie with Angela Merkel's government.

China warns citizens over US travel: FT reports, the government cites ‘repeated harassment’ by US authorities as tensions between countries mount.

Soybean stockpile: China will stockpile up to 7 million tonnes of soybeans bought from the United States during an earlier truce in the trade war between the nations.

Tiananmen at 30: World grapples with crackdown's consequences: China's ensuing economic rise empowers Beijing but spurs backlash. https://s.nikkei.com/2QLyJBC

Thirty years after the Tiananmen killings Beijing remains a closed regime.

30 years after Tiananmen – Is China's pro-democracy movement losing steam? DW reports, many pro-democracy activists fled China after the Tiananmen massacre, but they continue to support dissidents from abroad. With Beijing intensifying its crackdown on civil society, the movement faces new challenges.

Minxin Pei: Tiananmen and the end of Chinese enlightenment: Thirty years on, Beijing's leaders will struggle to suppress liberal ideas if the economy runs into trouble. https://s.nikkei.com/2QI8c85

Hackers steal student data from Australia's top university: DW reports, a "sophisticated operator" has broken the cyber defenses of the Australian National University (ANU) and stolen years' worth of sensitive student data. Many of ANU's ex-students now work for the Australian government.


Meatless burgers are popping up on more fast-food menus, leading to product shortages.

Teens put off getting their licenses and buying cars: About a quarter of 16-year-olds had a driver’s license in 2017, a sharp decline from nearly half in 1983.

J.D. Power estimates that Gen Zers will purchase about 120,000 fewer new vehicles this year compared with millennials in 2004, when they were the new generation of drivers—or 488,198 vehicles versus 607,329 then.

Fatih Birol: How hydrogen can offer a clean energy future: Tapping the most abundant element in the universe holds tantalizing promise. https://on.ft.com/2QJ30Rq


GOP lawmakers mull vote to stop Trump’s tariffs on Mexico: WP reports, the vote, which would be Republicans’ most dramatic act of defiance since President Trump took office, could also block billions in border wall funding.

Fed: Economists are projecting that uncertainty created by the Trump administration’s actions on tariffs will prompt the Fed to cut rates later this year. 

The probability of a rate decrease at the August FOMC meeting (or earlier) hit 90%.

Trump’s plans to increase tariffs on Mexico and China would wipe out benefits from tax cuts for the poorest Americans, analyses show.

Mueller Report: The House plans to vote June 11 on holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena.

House plans sweeping antitrust probe of tech giants: WP reports, the investigation would put Silicon Valley’s business practices on display at a time when lawmakers are in rare bipartisan agreement that the tech industry has been unregulated for too long.

LAT: California’s long-overlooked Central Valley holds new allure for 2020 candidates

"2020 contenders have focused their travels on the San Joaquin Valley, the lower two-thirds of the Central Valley and home to roughly 4 million residents. About 1 in 5 live below the poverty line. Six of its eight counties are majority Latino."

Digital advocacy: Borrell Associates Inc. found political digital advertising jumped to $1.4 billion in 2016 from $159 million in 2012. It is projected to hit $3.3 billion in 2020.

Trump 2020 campaign chairman Brad Parscale recently predicted his campaign would spend as much as $1 billion on its overall reelection effort. 

Biden + climate: Joe Biden’s climate change plan calls for the United States to entirely eliminate its net emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution by 2050, the same goal put forth in the Green New Deal.

LAT: Biden proposes $1.7-trillion plan to combat climate change

Antitrust troubles snowball for tech giants as lawmakers join in
: NYT reports, lawmakers said they would investigate the dominance of the world’s largest tech companies. The intense scrutiny on companies like Google, Apple and Amazon could last years and lead to the first overhaul of antitrust rules in decades.

"the industry is in the sights of Trump, Democrats running for president, Congress and consumers. Silicon Valley has faced fierce criticism over disinformation, privacy breaches, and political bias."

John Boehner’s journey from House Speaker to cannabis pitchman: NYT reports, in Congress, Mr. Boehner “unalterably opposed” legalizing marijuana. Now he’s pushing for it, with a potential $20 million payday from the industry.

David Brooks: The coming GOP apocalypse: Stumbling blind into the age of diversity. https://nyti.ms/2QJeZ1g

"According to Pew, 57 percent of millennials call themselves consistently liberal or mostly liberal. Only 12 percent call themselves consistently conservative or mostly conservative. This is the most important statistic in American politics right now."

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Exposed health records: A data breach at a collections agency that works with Quest Diagnostics and UnitedHealth may have exposed the information of an estimated 11.9 million patients.

Hotstar, a mobile-first streaming platform in India has 300 million monthly users and a new corporate parent—Disney.

Nikkei: Huawei to sell undersea cable unit to deflect US spy claims

Smaller Chinese group to buy venture that installed lines in Asia and Africa.

FT: Tech shares slide as US prepares for antitrust probes

DOJ and FTC agree oversight of Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple as Congress also acts.

FANG stocks plunged on the news of antitrust probes into Alphabet and Facebook.

Apple unveils $6,000 new Mac Pro.


World's biggest Nutella factory blocked by striking workers: DW reports, a factory in northern France that makes a quarter of the world's Nutella has been blockaded for a week. Key ingredients are reportedly running low and the owners have threatened to heavily fine the strikers.


How oil and beef shaped America: Two new books explain their massive socio-economic impact and how prosperity came at a price. https://on.ft.com/2QG5mjO

The Michelin Guide + LA: The guide awarded stars to 24 Los Angeles restaurants, including two stars for n/naka, Providence, Somni, Vespertine, Sushi Ginza Onodera, and Urasawa.

Keanu Reeves’ ‘Always Be My Maybe’ role has everyone obsessing: Here’s why https://lat.ms/2QHqRko

Keanu Stories: fans share unexpected meetings with 'sweet, quiet, nervous' Reeves: Outpouring was sparked by a profile of the actor that declared he was ‘too good for this world.’ http://bit.ly/2IfgJeS

Jay-Z is now considered a billionaire.

Forbes: Artist, icon, billionaire: How Jay-Z created his $1 billion fortune http://bit.ly/2QHDUlY

Enjoy the ride + plan accordingly.


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