Welcome to Debate-A-Palooza #1


It's here, the first Democrat presidential debate is tonight, just under 500 days before America decides who will be in the White House starting in 2021.

For the next two nights, ten Democrat hopefuls each night (20 total) will meet in heat and humidity of Miami for the first presidential primary debate.

Only 20?

Yes, four or five, maybe more, have been left on the sidelines.

In classic Democrat fashion, Steve Bullock, the sitting governor of very red-state Montana did not meet the showing of polling popularity or fundraising donors. He will be required to watch the spectacle from his television or more likely his tablet screen.

While the Yang Gang and a four-time New York Times number one bestseller under the 'Advice, How To, and Miscellaneous' category will both participate.

The line-ups for each night were decided by drawing straws in an effort to keep each evening in some form of balance.

Regardless, the first debate is being called the "children's table" since it has fewer heavyweights than the second.

Elizabeth Warren, the wonky technocrat Massachusetts senator, ascending in recent polls, will largely be on her own tonight.

With one of the boldest progressive policy agendas hatched beyond the walls of DC think-tanks, Warren is eroding Sanders’ standing as the favorite of the party’s hard to please left wing. Tonight gives Warren a chance to make further gains in what’s likely to be the most widely watched - certainly, the more most covered - campaign event so far.

In terms of popularity, Warren's closest competitor tonight is Beto O’Rourke.

The Texas J.Crew-friendly wunderkind needs to have a good evening - his Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz shot cover so far has been the only success he has enjoyed on the campaign trail.

Expect many questions on climate change, immigration, impeachment, tariffs, confrontation with Iran, and the behavior required of being POTUS.

Also, plan for many also-runnings to try desperately for a breakout and land meme-friendly zinger.

Biggest unknowns - will Trump inject himself into the show and will any of the candidates attack Biden even though he’s not onstage?

Plus don't forget Bowling Green State University graduate Representative Tim Ryan.


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