Hong Kong, US Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, Project Libra, #USWNT, Cannes Lions

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What I am watching today = June 17, 2019

Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

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Hong Kong, US Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, Project Libra, #USWNT, Cannes Lions


✔️ HK protests: Student leader freed as protests leave Hong Kong chief on ropes

✔️ US Chamber of Commerce pushes Trump to end trade war

✔️ Cities are swarming with electric scooters.

✔️ Walmart outpaces Amazon in drone patent race

✔️ US Women’s soccer games out-earned men’s games


Why business models matter = narration + numbers

"A proper business model tells a good story and has the ability to get customers aligned around the same values and same culture your company is bringing into existence."

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Japan awaits big wave of Southeast Asian tourists: Nikkei reports, proximity and budget airline flights favor the nation as neighbors grow richer.

Hong Kong upheaval puts Beijing in a bind: WSJ reports, massive protests in Hong Kong over an extradition bill present a serious challenge to Chinese President Xi Jinping, already facing an economic slowdown and escalating trade tensions with the US.

NYT: The political crisis in Hong Kong intensified as protesters rejected an apology from Carrie Lam, the territory’s leader.

The Times: Student leader freed as protests leave Hong Kong chief on ropes

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross played down prospects of a major trade deal if Trump and Xi meet at the Group of 20 summit this month.

China’s President Xi Jinping to make first visit to North Korea: WSJ reports, Xi Jinping will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss bilateral relations, in the first such state visit by a Chinese leader in more than a decade.

China raids North Korean 'Underground Railroad': Reuters reports, a string of raids across China has disrupted parts of the informal network of brokers, charities, and middlemen who help people escape from North Korea.

Patrick Jenkins: UBS must resist social media bullying over ‘Chinese pig’ comment: Companies often kowtow to criticism in China, but UBS should stand by its economist.

Shuli Ren: China is mad at UBS. Welcome to emerging markets: The reaction to comments by the bank’s economist may seem overblown. But clients in developing countries can come with a steep price.

FT: Trade war: will US espionage fears scupper Chinese rail group?

State-owned CRRC faces claims that its rail cars could be used for spying.

US escalates online attacks on Russia’s power grid: NYT reports, Washington is increasing digital action in a warning to Moscow that demonstrates new authorities to aggressively deploy cybertools.

Brexit strikes a bum note for UK artists as EU gigs dry up: WSJ reports, a no-deal departure from Europe would create new obstacles for British musicians wishing to perform in the EU. The uncertainty is playing havoc with gigs that are usually booked months in advance, since European promoters can’t be sure British acts will be able to turn up.

Hancock backs frontrunner to be next PM: The Times reports, Matt Hancock endorsed Boris Johnson’s campaign for Downing Street today, pledging to be a “voice of moderation” for the man who will “almost certainly” become prime minister. The health secretary dropped out of the race on Friday, having won 20 votes in the first ballot of MPs.

Iran prepares to violate uranium limit in nuclear deal: DW reports, the Islamic Republic has signaled its intention to exceed limits on uranium enrichment under the deal. Iranian officials said European guarantors still have time to save the accord before it surpasses "the 300 kg limit."

Israel unveils new settlement in disputed Golan Heights named  ‘Trump Heights.’

In France, gig workers exploit fellow workers: NYT reports, some couriers for food delivery apps are dealing with rate cuts by leasing their accounts to undocumented immigrants and taking up to 50 percent of the earnings.

Argentina and parts of Uruguay were hit by a power outage that left 50 million people in the dark. 

NY Post: Wyclef Jean wanted to be president of Haiti: ‘Rappers have brains’


Margaret Renkl: Scooter madness: Cities are swarming with electric scooters. But this is not the ‘micro-mobility revolution’ we need.

#ESP = End Scotter Pollution

Asian countries take a stand against the rich world’s plastic waste: LAT reports, import bans and stiffer global trade rules are putting a halt to the decades-old practice of shipping scrap to developing countries.


OTD: In 1972 five men were caught trying to bug the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate complex in Washington.

Push to impeach Trump stalls amid deference to — and fear of — Pelosi: WP reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has demonstrated the firm grip she wields over Democrats — quashing impeachment efforts, at least for now.

FT: US Chamber of Commerce pushes Trump to end trade war

Business group says China tariffs will cost economy $1tn over next decade.

Trump’s plan for more China tariffs sparks business uproar: WP reports, hundreds of US companies have lined up to testify before the Office of the US Trade Representative over seven days of hearings starting Monday, and to protest the president's trade strategy, warning of higher prices for consumers.

Republicans need to change their product. Californians aren’t buying it: LAT reports, Arnold Schwarzenegger once warned a GOP state convention that Republicans were "dying at the box office," urging them not to "become a narrow sectarian party."

Trump 2020: Trump visits Orlando on Tuesday to officially kick-off his 2020 re-election bid. Trump will have an 8:00 pm rally at Amway Center.

AFP: New poll shows Trump trailing Biden and four other Democrats

"A nationwide Fox News poll released Sunday shows Trump trailing former vice president Joe Biden and no fewer than four other Democratic contenders as early campaigning for the 2020 election begins to gain steam."

"The Fox poll showed Biden leading Trump by 49 percent to 39 percent among all registered voters nationwide, while Senator Bernie Sanders held nearly the same advantage over the president, at 49 percent to 40 percent."

NBC News: Trump campaign cutting ties with pollsters after internal numbers leaked

Just days before the president is set to kick off his bid for re-election, a top adviser said on Sunday that the campaign was cutting ties with three of its five pollsters to prevent further disclosure of survey data.

The president's re-election campaign says series of polls showing Joe Biden ahead in key states are "ancient" news.

CBS News Battleground Tracker poll: Biden leads, with Warren, Harris, Sanders close behind

Jonathan Bernstein: Who’s up in the polls today? It really doesn’t matter. It’s tempting to read a lot into early opinion polls. But the Democratic nomination race is still wide open.

NYT: Biden’s campaign approach: Run like it’s a primary of one

Margaret Sullivan: Joe Biden and the ‘electability’ delusion — and why the media keep making the same mistake
: Calling the former vice president the “most formidable” or safest candidate is misguided pseudoscience.

NYT Mag: Elizabeth Warren is completely serious: About income inequality. About corporate power. About corrupt politics. And about being America’s next president.

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Pfizer agreed to buy Array BioPharma in a deal worth $10.64 billion.

The price of bitcoin rose above $9,000 to a 13-month high.

FT: Walmart outpaces Amazon in drone patent race

US supermarket retailer working to compete with ecommerce rivals.

Why Google’s advertising dominance is drawing antitrust scrutiny: WSJ reports, the tech giant is the leading supplier of services to carry out virtually every step of purchasing and selling ads.

Rana Foroohar: Big Tech is America’s new ‘railroad problem’: Companies that rule the internet pose a monopoly threat the US has long grappled with.

How to crack the code of marketing on Twitter: The dos and don'ts of marketing were explained by the duo Alex Josephson of Twitter and Katrina Stirton Dodd of Contagious, a brand consultancy firm. http://bit.ly/2IkfbS1

What’s in, what’s out in Cannes http://bit.ly/2IlAFOg

FT: TikTok prepares to woo advertisers at Cannes

Chinese app plans assault on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Deutsche Bank prepares ‘bad bank’ in overhaul: FT reports, Germany’s biggest bank will shrink or shut its US equity and trading businesses.

Facebook is set Tuesday to unveil a bid to bring cryptocurrency payments into the mainstream, reportedly with the endorsement of governments and financial giants. The world's biggest social network is expected to outline details of a virtual currency launching next year that it hopes will avoid the rollercoaster volatility of "blockchain" technologies such as bitcoin.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be governed by a consortium of firms known as the Libra Association, which includes the likes of Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

The Libra Blockchain will be backed by Libra Reserve, “a reserve of real assets” that will provide the cryptocurrency with “stability, low inflation, global acceptance, and fungibility.”


Vatican calls for consideration of married priests in remote Amazon: WSJ reports, the Catholic Church should study the possibility of ordaining married men to serve as priests in remote parts of South America’s Amazon region, where many parishes have struggled to recruit clergy, the Vatican said.

FT: Rick Caruso and his California dream

The developer has an eye on a bigger picture: to be mayor of Los Angeles

The Grove, the 2002 development that made his name with a Hollywood-like take on what a thriving US town center should be, reputedly attracts more visitors each year than Disneyland.


Gary Woodland wins US Open.

Anthony Davis traded to the Los Angele Lakers.

Guess what LaVar Ball thinks is the Lakers' worst move ever?

US Women’s soccer games out-earned men’s games: WSJ reports, in the three years after the US women’s soccer team won the 2015 World Cup, US women’s games generated more total revenue than US men’s games, according to audited financial reports from the US Soccer Federation.

FIFA Women's World Cup = Today

China v Spain @ 12:00 pm
South Africa v Germany @ 12:00 pm
Nigeria v France @ 3:00 pm
South Korea v Norway @ 3:00 pm

Knockout stage qualified teams:

United States

The top two placed teams from each of the six groups, plus the four best-placed third teams, will qualify for the knockout stage.

Enjoy the ride + plan accordingly.


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