Hong Kong, Infrastructure, Impeachment, iPhone, Relentless

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What I am watching today = June 12, 2019

Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

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Hong Kong, Infrastructure, Impeachment, iPhone, Relentless


✔️ Hong Kong police and protesters in tense standoff

✔️ Switch to electric cars hit by ‘poor’ charging infrastructure

✔️ Trump doesn’t want to be impeached — but he is fascinated by ‘the I-word

✔️ Your iPhone is already Made in America

✔️ US women’s soccer is relentless




Enjoy the ride and plan accordingly.



Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters: WSJ reports, police fired tear gas and used rubber bullets on protesters in Hong Kong, in an attempt to drive away thousands of demonstrators who had blocked roads and forced the closure of the city’s legislature before lawmakers could debate a controversial extradition bill.

Hong Kong police and protesters in tense standoff after clashes: NYT reports, demonstrators targeting a bill that would permit extradition to mainland China threw bricks at riot police guarding the city’s Legislative Council. The police responded with tear gas, pepper spray and batons.

FT: Hong Kong extradition bill protests erupt into violence

Opponents shut down city in bid to block proposed law seen as threat to territory’s freedoms.

FT: US expresses ‘grave concern’ over Hong Kong extradition bill

The State Department said the proposal could damage city’s business environment.

China auto sales slow: China’s auto sales declined for an 11th straight month in May as a prolonged downturn in the country’s automotive sector showed no sign of easing and the industry braced for losses stemming from new emissions standards.

Japan passes bill requiring microchipping of pets to reduce strays: Japan Times reports, the Diet on Wednesday passed a bill requiring dog and cat breeders to microchip animals, and owners to voluntarily do the same to their pets.

A 5-year-old in Uganda has Ebola in the first case outside the Democratic Republic of Congo since a recent outbreak.

FT: Confidential cabinet note warns UK not ready for no-deal Brexit

Document says it will take months to prepare pharmaceutical sector and for border checks.

The Times: I can heal the country’s Brexit divisions, says Johnson

Boris Johnson bids for UK leadership with pledge of Oct. 31 Brexit: Reuters reports, Boris Johnson kicked off his campaign to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday with a pledge to lead Britain out of the European Union on Oct. 31 and a warning to his divided Conservative Party that "delay means defeat".

BoJo has the MoJo.

Paris métro: Paris on Wednesday launched “Navigo Easy”, a rechargeable plastic card that is set to phase out the French capital’s emblematic rectangular cardboard tickets that have been used on the city’s métro for nearly 120 years.

Macron would back Angela Merkel as European Commission president: DW reports, the German chancellor has repeatedly denied any intention to continue in politics, but talk of her leading the Commission persists. France's president has now given his backing for Angela Merkel to take over in the role.

Canada election: There will be new rules in place before Canadians head to the polls this fall, including new limits on third-party and foreign participation, and campaign spending.

FT: US, Canada, and Australia join forces to tackle metal shortage risk

Concern grows over the increase in consumption to support a shift to electric vehicles.

Expectations low for Trump-Xi talks, preparations limited: Reuters reports, with under three weeks to go before proposed talks between the Chinese and US leaders, expectations for progress toward ending the trade war are low and sources say there has been little preparation for a meeting even as the health of the world economy is at stake.

Bloomberg: Trump says he's holding up trade deal with China ahead of G-20

Trump says he's personally holding up a trade deal with China...

So he prefers American consumers to be over-taxed?

So he prefers American farmers to be struggling?

So he prefers American businesses to have no certainty?

Falling coffee prices drive Guatemalan migration to the United States: WP reports, cultivating coffee was once a way out of poverty in Guatemala’s fertile highlands. As prices crashed in recent years, a staggering number of growers have started abandoning their farms for the United States.


Switch to electric cars hit by ‘poor’ charging infrastructure: FT reports, Parliament’s business, energy, and industrial strategy select committee has described Britain’s charging infrastructure as “poor” and “lacking in size and geographical coverage”, and experts say this is one of the biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the UK.

Bloomberg: The race to become the Beyond Meat of fish

Skyrocketing demand is depleting oceans and fueling a problematic fish-farming industry.

@AFP: 86% of internet users admit being duped by fake news: survey


Trump doesn’t want to be impeached — but he is fascinated by ‘the I-word’: WP reports, Trump views impeachment in deeply personal terms, seeing it as an attack on the legitimacy of his presidency, rather than a potential stain on his legacy.

Protesters apply to fly ‘Baby Trump’ balloon during president’s Fourth of July address at Lincoln Memorial.

Mick Mulvaney on USMCA: The US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement has “a better than two-thirds chance” of passing through Congress this year.

Trump shows off 'secret' Mexico document but photos reveal contents: Guardian reports, press photographs allow reporters to read parts of agreement, much of which has already been revealed by Mexican officials.

US antitrust chief issues warning to tech giants: FT reports, lower prices and free products will not shield digital monopolists from scrutiny, Delrahim say.

Trump, Biden show distinct styles in potential 2020 preview: Reuters reports, more than a year before the 2020 US presidential election, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden went toe-to-toe in Iowa on Tuesday, trading barbs, testing their messages and providing a glimpse of a potential matchup between the two.

In Iowa, the feud between Trump and Biden gains strength: WP reports, Trump and former vice president Joe Biden ridiculed one another in the harshest terms they’ve used so far.

Morning Consult: Latest Democratic primary tracking data is live:

Biden: 37% (-1)
Sanders: 19% 
Warren: 11% (+1)
Buttigieg: 7%
Harris: 7%
O'Rourke: 4%
Booker: 3% 
Klobuchar: 2% (+1)

Based on 17,012 survey interviews from June 3 - 9, 2019.

David Smith: 'A simple pattern' - How Trump claims victory when facts suggest otherwise: The president’s misleading agreement with Mexico showcases his reality-TV tactics – but the media keeps ‘taking the bait’

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Google has fired several of its largest lobbying firms as part of a major overhaul of its global government affairs and policy operations amid the prospect of greater government scrutiny.

Facebook launches app that will pay users for their data: Guardian reports, the new app comes months after Apple cracked down on Facebook for similar apps that paid users for extensive data on phone usage.

FT: Huawei looks to self-driving cars in bid to broaden focus

Chinese group partnering with carmakers to target 2021 launch of autonomous vehicles.

FT: KKR offers to buy out Axel Springer minority investors

Proposed deal values publisher of German newspaper Bild at €6.7bn.

Monster Energy drink claims Toronto Raptors logo too similar to its own.

Tim Culpan: Your iPhone is already Made in America: An obsession with where Apple’s devices are assembled distracts from the more important issue of who creates the most value.

Was Jack Welch really that good? General Electric’s legendary CEO was good—but he was also lucky. https://bloom.bg/2X0U3IM
Aldi plastic fruit and veg bags to cost a 'symbolic' cent: DW reports, Germany's Aldi has announced it will soon charge a cent for plastic produce bags. The supermarket said it had drastically reduced bag use with fees for larger bags, and wants to apply the strategy to the smaller bags.


Scots running amok: As loan sharks, drug smugglers, generals, and plant hunters, Scots played a central role in expanding the British Empire. Through fair means and foul, strategically placed Scots left their mark on the histories of Britain and China http://ow.ly/rIh750uBaVo 

Fuku, David Chang’s fried chicken spot, to open in Santa Monica this summer.

LA Times Candy Bar Power Rankings https://lat.ms/2X82OAK

@CDCgov: Tempted to have a bite of batter while baking? Raw dough and batter are never safe to eat, even if they don’t contain raw eggs


What do they know?


WP: US women’s soccer is relentless — and unapologetic — in World Cup-record rout of Thailand



The #USWNT wins its World Cup opener 13-0.

Guardian: Ruthless USA break World Cup record as they hit 13 past hapless Thailand

Plan for 48-team Champions League: The Times reports, UEFA will be urged to expand the Champions League from 32 teams to 40 or 48 as an alternative to more radical reforms that would make the tournament a mainly closed competition. A new proposal is to be submitted to Europe’s governing body by a group of clubs before a summit meeting on September 11

Tiger Woods gives himself 10 years to break Jack Nicklaus’s 18 majors record.

FIFA Women's World Cup = Today:

Nigeria v South Korea @ 9:00 am
Germany v Spain @ 12:00 pm
France v Norway @ 3:00 pm

Enjoy the ride + plan accordingly.


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