Trump’s Trade War, Magic Mushrooms, John Hickenlooper, Uber, Two-hour Marathon

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May 6, 2019
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Marc A. Ross

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Trump’s Trade War, Magic Mushrooms, John Hickenlooper, Uber, Two-hour Marathon


✔️ Stocks tumble as Trump threatens to raise tariffs

✔️ Denver voters consider decriminalizing magic mushrooms

✔️ John Hickenlooper: I’m running to save capitalism

✔️ Uber wants to be the Uber of everything

✔️ How science has made the two-hour marathon plausible


1,000 songs in your pocket

No mention of the engineering.

No mention of the unprecedented memory.

No mention of the fashionable design.

No mention of the price.

Just these six words.

"iPod. 1,000 songs in your pocket."

This is how Steve Jobs introduced this new device on October 23, 2001. A device the would go on to change music, entertainment, and computers forever.

A device up until that point no consumer knew they wanted or even needed. 

A device that held the equivalent of 100 CDs in your pocket.

A device that would change our relationship with music and our relationship with entertainment forever.

A device that would change our relationship with hardware and our relationship with companies forever.

The future is psychology and not technology.

The future is experience and not evidence.

Consumers want demeanor, not data.



The Times: Israel and Gaza reach ceasefire after days of violence

US sends aircraft carrier to Middle East as ‘warning’ to Iran.

Israel and Gaza militants agree to cease-fire after a weekend of violence: WP reports, the agreement went into effect after four Israelis were killed by rockets and mortars fired from Gaza and 23 Palestinians died in retaliatory airstrikes by Israel.

Bloomberg: US warships challenge China sea claims for third time in 2019

The guided-missile destroyers USS Preble and USS Chung-Hoon passed within 12 nautical miles of Gaven and Johnson reefs, said Commander Clay Doss, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet.

China told two US warships to turn back after they were sailing near disputed islands without permission.

Trump issues China tariff threat: WSJ reports, Trump threatened to drastically ramp up US tariffs on Chinese imports, a twist that surprised many Chinese officials ahead of planned talks.

Trump threatens to increase tariffs on Chinese goods on Friday: WP reports, the president unexpectedly set what appears to be a new deadline to produce a comprehensive deal or trigger an escalation of the US-China trade war, a move that unsettled plans for this week’s negotiations.

Trump’s trade war threat poses problems for China and investors: NYT reports, Trump upended what appeared to be progress toward reaching a trade pact when he threatened to impose still more tariffs on Chinese goods. The threats pose a major problem for Xi Jinping, who had been counting on a trade deal to maintain China’s growth.

China still preparing for talks as Trump cranks up pressure: Reuters reports, China said a delegation is still traveling to the United States for trade talks, after President Donald Trump dramatically increased pressure on Beijing to reach a deal, saying he would hike tariffs on Chinese goods this week.

FT: Stocks tumble as Trump threatens to raise tariffs

Beijing ‘livid’ but still expected to send delegation to US for trade talks this week.

CSI 300 falls 5.8% and renminbi slides on prospect of 25% tax on virtually all Chinese imports.

Bloomberg: Global stocks plunge after Trump's trade threat

Bloomberg: Trump's tariff threat leaves Beijing stalling on next talks

“We are now trying to get more information on the relevant situation,” ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a briefing in Beijing. “What I can tell you is that the Chinese team is preparing to travel to the US for trade talks.”

FT: Foxconn’s Gou tells China to recognize Taiwan’s independence

Comments from presidential hopeful highlight challenge of not being seen to pander to Beijing.

England-France: Channel Tunnel marks 25 years: The Channel Tunnel, which connects southern England with northern France, is marking its 25th anniversary. The world's longest undersea tunnel took some 200 years to build, with various changes and pauses along the way.

The Times: Don’t cave into Labour on Brexit, Tories tell Theresa May

More than 100 rebels could try to block a softer deal.

Carles Puigdemont cleared to run in EU election: DW reports, the Spanish separatist has scuppered a ban on contesting the European elections. A court ruled he still has a fundamental right to contest the election even though he has fled the country and faces arrest if he returns.

Arctic nations to meet amid tensions over environment, resources: Reuters reports, top diplomats from the United States, Russia, and other nations which border the Arctic meet in Finland on Monday to discuss policies governing the polar region, as tensions grow over how to deal with global warming and access to mineral wealth.

The eight-member Arctic Council is looking at ways to deal with global warming and access to mineral wealth.

Canadians don’t see an economic champion yet in looming election: Bloomberg reports, five months from an election, Canadian voters remain undecided on who they think would best grow the economy -- the latest signal of a wide-open race. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer are neck-and-neck as the top choices to best manage the country’s growth. But fully half the country favors neither of them, Nanos Research found in a poll commissioned by Bloomberg.

“There’s a fundamental lack of confidence in any of the political leaders to manage the economy.” -- Pollster Nik Nanos

Panama electoral tribunal declares Laurentino Cortizo winner: DW reports, with 95% of votes counted, Laurentino "Nito" Cortizo has been confirmed as the winner of the presidential election. The poll has been overshadowed by corruption scandals.


Denver voters consider the next frontier in decriminalizing drugs: magic mushrooms: LAT reports, much as they did for marijuana, activists are touting the potential medical benefits of psilocybin to win public acceptance for a drug known more for its recreational use.

One million species are on verge of extinction, UN panel says. And humans will suffer as a result. WP reports, the findings underscore numerous scientific studies that say human activity is wreaking havoc on the wild kingdom, threatening the existence of everything from whales to flowers and insects.


Trump says Mueller shouldn’t testify to Congress, escalating fight with Democrats: LAT reports, whatever the outcome, Trump’s statement marked a further ratcheting up of tensions.

Michael Cohen is set to report to Otisville federal prison for crimes including arranging a hush-money scheme at the president’s direction.

Some look at Biden’s campaign and see Clinton’s: NYT reports, the opening days of Joe Biden’s presidential run are giving some Democrats flashbacks to Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign.

Bloomberg: Biden surge fueled by Democratic angst over who can beat Trump

John Hickenlooper: I’m running to save capitalism
: Massive deregulation and socialism would both ruin the economic system that allows America to flourish.

Nearly 2 million students will emerge from US colleges with bachelor’s degrees this year.

‘America First’ may be last hope for these cattle ranchers: WP reports, without “Made in USA” labels, independent ranchers fear their livelihoods could be quashed by multinational corporations as a new North American trade deal takes shape.

Gideon Rachman: Donald Trump is updating America’s historic ruthlessness: Promising US voters ‘greatness’ has led the president to celebrate a brutal past.


Brigadoon Annapolis 2019 | Salon Dinner + Sailing
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Uber wants to be the Uber of everything—but can it make a profit? WSJ reports, the ride-hailing company, headed for its IPO, aims to dominate the world of transportation, from food delivery to freight. It’s still not making any money.

Ride-sharing’s future? It may sit on electric motorbikes: NYT reports, Indian start-ups are opening a new front in the global ride-hailing battles, just as Uber prepares to go public.

Pfizer gets US approval for $225,000 a year heart drug.

Ikea opened a new city-center concept store in Paris on Monday as the Swedish furniture giant tries a new strategy for winning over urban consumers that will be rolled out internationally this year.


LAT: BTS, the new kings of pop, conquer a deafening, sold-out Rose Bowl

Guardian: Madonna says giving her children mobile phones ‘ended their relationship’

The singer says her children’s lives became dominated by technology.

LAT: Norah O’Donnell will anchor ‘CBS Evening News,’ which is moving to Washington


Life goals: In over-60 soccer league, a love of the game never gets old

"The meek may inherit the earth but they also end up in the Europa League." -- Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 

How appliance of science has made the two-hour marathon plausible

European Tour to expand in China as golf boom returns: Buoyed by record crowds and a wave of exciting young players, the European Tour is looking to expand again in China after some rocky times, a leading official told AFP. The tour has lost two events in China, including the $7 million BMW Masters, in recent years but there are signs that the good times are returning.

Champions League - Final Four (2nd Match):

Tottenham v Ajax - 8 May @ 3:00 pm ET (Ajax +1)
Barcelona v Liverpool: 7 May @ 3:00 pm ET (Barca +3)

Enjoy the ride + plan accordingly.


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