1,000 songs in your pocket


No mention of the engineering.

No mention of the unprecedented memory.

No mention of the fashionable design.

No mention of the price.

Just these six words.

"iPod. 1,000 songs in your pocket."

This is how Steve Jobs introduced this new device on October 23, 2001. A device the would go on to change music, entertainment, and computers forever.

A device up until that point no consumer knew they wanted or even needed.

A device that held the equivalent of 100 CDs in your pocket.

A device that would change our relationship with music and our relationship with entertainment forever.

A device that would change our relationship with hardware and our relationship with companies forever.

The future is psychology and not technology.

The future is experience and not evidence.

Consumers want demeanor, not data.


Marc A. Ross specializes in communications for thought leaders working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics.

Marc Ross

Based in Washington, DC, I specialize in thought leader communications and global public policy for public affairs professionals working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics.

Clients hire me to ghostwrite, engage influencer networks, manage media relations, produce events, audit their communications infrastructure, consult on hiring, provide issue briefs and news generating talking points, as well as manage end to end communications projects where I assume a role of project leader and general contractor.

I work independently but provided access to a substantial global network of collaborators with expertise in websites, graphic design, audio, video, polling, data analytics, and research.

Using the latest tactics of an American political campaign with expertise shaped by being a practitioner of global business communications, I help clients tell their story and build trusted relationships with all necessary stakeholders.

Successful communications are all about STOCK = strategy, tactics, organization, consistency, and know-how.