John McCain = Hero

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John McCain = Hero

Marc Ross Daily
August 27, 2018
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✔️ Germans are getting fed up with America

✔️ Biggest question in Australian politics: How to handle China

✔️ UK to start work on satellite system to rival EU's Galileo

✔️ John McCain = Hero

✔️ America has fallen out of love with the sedan


“We so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” - Alexander Graham Bell


Trump’s stances weaken support for US to lead global banking body: WSJ reports, Trump’s antagonistic posture towards international institutions at foreign summits this summer soured some European officials on the candidacy of a top Fed official to helm the international Financial Stability Board.

Leonid Bershidsky: Why Germans are getting fed up with America

It’s getting harder for Angela Merkel and the German elite to hold back growing anti-Americanism.

Germany's new strategy to deal with Donald Trump

FT: India approves $6bn military spend in arms race

Abe seeks 3 more years, with polls showing 39% support:
Nikkei reports, prime minister eyes constitutional change with new party mandate but 73% skeptical.

Australia emerges from crisis with a new PM: Reuters reports, Treasurer Scott Morrison will be Australia’s new prime minister after winning a three-way battle for the leadership of the Liberal party on Friday, with incumbent Malcolm Turnbull not contesting the party ballot.

John Garnaut: Australia’s China reset

Andrew Peaple: The biggest question in Australian politics: How to handle China

Australia’s economy and financial markets have become largely immune to its turbulent politics.

From engagement to rivalry: Tools to compete with China: To arrive at a new consensus, the United States needs to address the weaknesses in Americans’ knowledge of China while rethinking the connections between the ways China is analyzed and how policy is made.

The US is overly paranoid about China’s tech rise

Reuters: Much detail, little progress in US-China talks, sources say

SCMP: Exit the Dragon? Germany gets tough on Chinese investment

A China-led wave of company acquisitions has seen Berlin grow leery of granting market access to foreign investors. But fears of an exodus of tech know-how are balanced by a desire to do business on the mainland.

Macron targets French welfare spending as deficit pressure rises: Reuters reports, French President Emmanuel Macron's government will tackle social spending in the next wave of its reforms as weaker than expected growth puts pressure on the budget deficit, the prime minister said on Sunday.

UK to start work on satellite system to rival EU's Galileo: Sunday Telegraph reports, Britain is to start work on its own satellite navigation system to rival the European Union's Galileo project because the UK's access to sensitive security information could be restricted after Brexit, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

US, Mexico near breakthrough on key trade issues: FT reports, a resolution could help clear the way for NAFTA renegotiation.

LAT: US and Mexico said to be close on revamping NAFTA

Bloomberg: US, Mexico said poised to reach NAFTA deal soon as Monday


NYT: John McCain, war hero, senator, presidential contender, dies at 81

David Foster Wallace on John McCain: ‘The weasel, twelve monkeys and the shrub’

Seven days in the life of the late, great John McCain

Sen. John McCain’s death leaves foreign-policy void: WSJ reports, John McCain, throughout his career, was a driving force behind the interventionist wing of the Republican Party, a faction that views overseas alliances and troop commitments as a stabilizing force in the world.

Mark Salter: John McCain spent his life serving the dignity of his fellow man

FT: McCain’s death sparks mourning across political divide

The Times: Trump is
odd man out as US unites in tribute to McCain

Trump rejected plans for a White House statement praising heroism and life of McCain: WP reports, the president opted instead for a short tweet that mentioned Sen. John McCain’s family rather than the man himself. The move underscored the bitter relationship between the two and Trump’s continued anger toward McCain, people close to both men said.

David Smith: John McCain opened Pandora’s box – Sarah Palin came out, but Trump was right behind her.

The senator regretted his choice of running mate. In 2008, no one could have imagined what it would mean

Arizona’s tough choice: A senator cut from McCain’s mold or Trump’s: NYT reports, the vacant Senate seat has exposed the rift between Mr. McCain’s followers and the party’s Trumpian base.

WP: In most of the country, McCain is being lauded as a hero. On Arizona’s GOP campaign trail, he’s a pariah.

More and more buzz that Cindy McCain, the Senator's wife, will be appointed to fill the seat until a required election in 2020.

Today: Trump meets President Kenyatta of Kenya at the White House.

NY investigation, not Mueller, is ‘greatest threat’ to Trump, adviser says: WP reports, “There are no constitutional defenses to what the Southern District is investigating,” said retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, an informal adviser to President Trump.

OTD: In 1859 the first commercially productive oil well was drilled at Titusville, Pennsylvania

Why mayors from around the world are coming to Detroit  


Nikkei: VW's hot streak in China conceals signs of slipping grip

Meditation start-up Calm looks to grow beyond its app: FT reports, co-founder says group is considering a push into retail in quest to be ‘Nike of the mind’

HBD: Gary Cohn, economic adviser to President Trump (2017-March 2018), president of Goldman Sachs (2006-17), 58

Amazon ‘will pass Apple as biggest world business’: The Times reports, Amazon will overtake Apple to become the world’s largest public company because it has “reinvented shopping”, Sir Terry Leahy, the former boss of Tesco, has predicted. 

Reuters: Cigna, Express Scripts shareholders approve $52 billion deal


America has fallen out of love with the sedan: WSJ reports, long a symbol of the American open road, the classic sedan is fading as millions of drivers migrate to sport-utility vehicles, prompting automakers to rework their lineups.

How one Silicon Valley CEO masters work-life balance: NYT reports, Chris O’Neill, of Evernote, makes a list every night, stays fit, blocks out his workweek by theme and listens to his children.

"Content twitching is one of the reasons we feel overwhelmed and maybe not as productive. We’re constantly content twitching between apps and topics."

"Frankly, I just try to eat less. I’ve experimented with intermittent fasting, but that’s become like
Allbirds shoes in the Valley — so much a stereotype that I don’t even want to mention it."

Tony Schwartz: Addicted to distraction

The end of ads: Advertising is obsolete, writes University of Kentucky’s Ramsi Woodcock. Here’s why it’s time to end it.


RIP: Neil Simon

How Neil Simon wrote his own second act and finally won over critics: LAT reports, at his peak, Neil Simon's plays were popular in a 'Hamilton' sort of way, but that didn't necessarily earn him respect among theater writers. The Times' theater critic looks at the trajectory of Simon's career and the autobiographical work that finally won over some skeptics.

“Crazy Rich Asians” topped the North American box office for a second weekend in a row. 

GQ's best new restaurants in America, 2018

CBC: Canadians on track to spend almost $6B on pot this year — most of it the illegal variety


Today: The US Open tennis championships begin at Flushing Meadows, New York

AFP: French Open courts controversy by banning Serena Williams’ catsuit

David Wharton: Troubling details of Ohio State report present a problem college football must fix

Golf: Bryson DeChambeau wins FedEx Cup opener

HBD: Bernhard Langer, golfer, 61

Guardian: Barcelona, Argentina … Atlanta: How Tata Martino came to thrive in MLS

The Atlanta United coach has managed Argentina and Lionel Messi’s Barcelona. But he has relished the opportunity of a blank canvas in MLS

Abramovich puts £2.5bn price tag on Chelsea: The Times reports, Roman Abramovich will demand an offer of at least £2.5 billion to consider selling Chelsea. The club’s owner has received numerous inquiries since visa problems this summer led him to put on hold the £1 billion redevelopment of Stamford Bridge, but he is not actively looking to sell the club.

Curious tale of Milan’s short-lived owner, a vulture fund and a barbecue: Guardian reports, Li Yonghong and his collapsed €740m takeover of Milan went quiet until the businessman resurfaced at a family get-together.

Why Ethiopia's running success is about more than poverty and altitude: The strong record of the country’s athletes is often attributed to these factors, but hard work, planning, and creativity play a key role.

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