Timing of the Trump trade tariffs: When politics trumps policy


The White House will have a tariff signing ceremony and/or meeting today surrounded by steel and aluminum workers at 3:30 pm ET. 

I think - it is still not clear to me if and when this will happen.

Is it just meeting or will DJT sign something? 

Nobody is certain.

After years of all that boring No Drama Obama, Team Trump has decided to bring forth an avalanche of self-indulgent drama due to a lack of professional and proper political communications execution.

Regardless of the outcome and the purpose the gathering this afternoon, this advancement of tariffs as an idea to create jobs by installing commercial irritation makes sense for a POTUS that puts personality above policy.

Trump is scheduled to be in Pittsburgh on Saturday night for a pre-election rally to support current Republican State Representative Rick Saccone who is working to hold-off Democratic challenger Conor Lamb in the race to represent Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

Trump carried PA-18 overwhelmingly in Election 2016; however the latest polls show a much closer race than expected - GOP campaign spending efforts have reached nearly $10 million - as Lamb closes in on Saccone’s lead.

The special election takes place on Tuesday, March 13th.

Trump is obsessed with campaign promises, so he'd love to remind the western PA audience/voters working in the shadows of once proud smokestacks and nostalgia that he has kept his promise to fight for them and their jobs.

What is stunning is on the same day America's allies sign a major trade deal to better connect the nations of the Pacific Rim, DJT responds and moves America to a new level of protectionism.

America last century was at the forefront of designing an environment of business and commerce that looked and worked like America. This century we have a POTUS determined to be at the forefront of designing an environment of business and commerce that hampers and suppresses America.

We are witness when politics trumps policy - enjoy the ride.

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