California's agriculture sector worried

From what we’ve seen, the Trump administration can be very unpredictable.

California's vintners and growers are concerned they are on the frontlines of a US-China trade fight. 

There is growing prospect that wine, nuts, fruit, and other California farm exports are going to be negatively impacted by the increasing trade battle between President Trump and China. 

This $47-billion industry in the state of California and many of the workers in this sector voted for Trump in the 2016 election. 

The California wine industry, which has made significant inroads to the Chinese market in recent years, sold about $197 million of its product there last year, according to the Wine Institute, a California advocacy organization. US wine exports to China and Hong Kong have more than quadrupled in the previous decade and rose 10% last year, according to the institute.

Many working in the sector fear many of these California agriculture sectors stands to lose momentum in a worldwide competition for a share of the rapidly expanding Chinese middle-class consumer market.