19 tactics to being a better thought leader in 2019


1. Respond to ten social media updates and thoughts daily - don't just scroll

2. Send a daily email news overview of curated information relevant to your network

3. Execute a twelve-month blog post scheme that involves owned and earned media

4. Post a best of social post weekly on your LinkedIn profile

5. Present a 90-second video weekly on your YouTube page commenting on the news of the week

6. Invite a reporter your admire to coffee - do this ten times

7. Speak at three conferences - think adjacent possible when it comes to venues and topics

8. Submit four opinion editorials engaging both national and regional news outlets

9. Get interviewed on a podcast - do this five times

10. Produce a white paper report on the top trends impacting your network

11. Collaborate to organize a monthly MeetUp with experts in your network

12. Host a book club - meet quarterly

13. Launch a webinar interview series involving former classmates and professor - use that alumni network you paid so much to be a part of

14. Give an award for the year's best book, idea, business, thought leader, professor, conference, etc.

15. Cold email five people daily that you admire - tell them you appreciate and use their work

16. Arrange a salon dinner with a local author on a topic relevant to your network

17. Use Anchor to post daily audio commentary and thought leadership tactics

18. Host a multi-day thought leadership retreat

19. Remember STOC = strategy + tactics + organization + consistency

-Marc A. Ross

Marc A. Ross specializes in thought leader communications and events for senior executives working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics.