Election 2018 - What to Watch For = The Dirty Dozen:


1. Thirty-six gubernatorial seats are up for grabs this year, and Republicans must defend 26 of them.

2. For Democrats to take the House, they need to flip 23 seats. 

3. If Democrats retake the House, it will mark the third time in 12 years that the chamber switched control.

4. If Democrats win big in key governors’ races, say Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan, Trump's Election 2020 path to victory just got a whole lot more difficult.

5. Nancy Pelosi to return as Speaker.

6. A record number of women in Congress.

7. A flurry of investigations and subpoenas.

8. Iran sanctions remain.

9. China trade frictions continue - there is bipartisan agreement on Capitol Hill for the US to stand tough against China.

10. Ben Wittes' cannon will be back in service.

11. Mueller has been in a pre-election “blackout” - he'll be back with new indictments - look for Roger Stone to be in the barrel soon.

12. Infrastructure spending will pass on Capitol Hill.

—Marc A. Ross

Marc A. Ross specializes in thought leader communications and events for senior executives working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics.