Speakers Sneak Peek | Brigadoon Sundance 2019

Brigadoon Sundance 2019 (1).png

Frankly, I have found what happens off stage at Brigadoon Sundance to be the most compelling aspect of the gathering, but it is essential to have top-flight speakers to start the coffee-cup conversations and fireside discussions.

As the plan for Brigadoon Sundance 2019 comes together, we have secured the speaking talents of a writer and comedian, a senior executive at the forefront of corporate social responsibility, a salesman harnessing AI to solve global challenges, a former mechanical engineer working at the leading edge of human longevity, a former operations executive harnessing the power of academia to ensure founders and their startups have a roadmap for success, and a White House correspondent reporting in an age of increased geopolitical tensions.

It's an impressive line-up, and we have room for a few more to announce in the coming weeks.

From the quality of the attendees to the world-class caliber of the speakers, Brigadoon Sundance keeps getting better and better.

The world is cluttered with worn-out conference formats, one-way panel events, and stuffy corporate dinners. Many gatherings you'll attend next year will fail miserably to connect onstage information with offstage networking opportunities and ambitious conversations.

That doesn't happen at Brigadoon Sundance.

You will leave the gathering smarter, more informed on issues at the forefront of culture and commerce, and more energized from spending time in the mountains.

Most importantly, you will never have to sit through a dreadful slide deck presentation. Brigadoon Sundance is powerpoint free, and all sessions are focused on high-quality conversations between speaker and attendees.

I hope to see you in the Wasatch Mountains next February.

For more details, please visit the site.


Marc A. Ross