Ross Rant | September 27, 2017


A loss. A finale. A retirement. A Tuesday.

What a day to be the Senate Majority Leader.

Down in the Yellowhammer State, Roy Moore, a rabble-rouser, troublemaker, and former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, defeated Luther Strange and the entire Trump-McConnell-US Chamber-GOP industrial complex in a runoff to be the Republican candidate for one of Alabama’s Senate seats yesterday.

Up on the Hill, the Senate announced the body will not vote on the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare.

In the Volunteer State, Senator Bob Corker, the Tennessee Republican, announced he won't seek re-election next year and will retire.

Tuesday was a bad day for Mitch. 

The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lost just about every way possible on Tuesday. 

Want more on Mitch? Here's a book I have on my reading list: The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell.

The NCAA's one and done basketball rule always seemed like an absurd policy, and now it's confirmed.

Several top-flight assistant college basketball coaches were accused of accepting payments in a thriving illicit market for young athletes involving an eco-system of agents, financial advisers, and shoe companies. The fraud charges brought by the Southern District of New York have evidence suggesting assistants were the target of the scheme because head coaches make too much money and couldn't be tempted. 

Want more on youth basketball and shoes? Here's a book I have on my reading list: Sole Influence: Basketball, Corporate Greed, and the Corruption of America's Youth.

Is KSA on the verge of reform and empowering women? Is the Saudi Arabia announcement on Tuesday that it would allow women to drive the first step for more rights and economic productivity? The Royal decree to enable women to drive breaks tradition as many see social reforms gathering pace in kingdom.

Did you see Jeff Sommer’s column in the Sunday New York Times business section with the headline, “The Best Investment Since 1926? Apple.” His column suggests only 4 percent of all publicly traded stocks account for all of the net wealth earned by investors in the stock market since 1926.

Antitrust law in America for decades has been pro-consumer with cheaper costs of goods and services as the focus. However, with the rise of winner take all, category creating technology companies, that view might be out of fashion soon. The Chicago School is under threat.

There is a climate change of populism gripping business, global commerce, politics, and sports - what a time to be alive.

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