Ross Rant | September 25, 2017


Angela Merkel is back and will be the chancellor of Germany for the fourth time. However, the big news coming out of Germany is how the established parties suffered steep losses and voters turned to populist upstarts - including the deep right-wing party AfD - Alternative for Germany. 

The coalition that Merkel creates to govern the nation is currently unclear. She can expect long and arduous coalition talks that could hamper politics in Germany for months. A combination of the CDU, the Greens, and the FDP — dubbed the "Jamaica" coalition because the colors of the different parties match those of the Jamaican flag — gives Merkel the most likely route to a parliamentary majority.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called a snap election and will dissolve parliament on Thursday. No formal date has been set, but many expect the election to be held in late October.

Obama personally warned Zuckerberg over fake news. The conversation took place on the sidelines of a meeting of global leaders two months ahead of Trump's inauguration and days after Zuckerberg had dismissed as "crazy" the idea that inaccurate stories driven by Russian operatives had made a major impact on the outcome of the vote.

How Obama handled the shenanigans of Election 2016 is a major problem for the former president. When did he know it and what did he do about it is overhanging the investigations. Obama won't come out looking good in the end. Leaking this story is his team's first move in the COA public relations campaign.

Four days after Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico, the storm has left the entire island in a communications and power blackout.

Things to do that are nearly impossible as POTUS = embarrass the Boy Scouts, taunt the NFL, piss off two NBA MVPs - all have been achieved by the Trumpster.

Merger Monday with Unilever and ABB making multi-billion purchases.

Vanity with Chinese characteristics - Plastic surgery is booming in China, fuelled by rising incomes, growing Western influences, and the imperative of looking good on social media.

The NFL is now the place to talk about racism, freedom of speech, and police violence.