Ross Rant | September 19, 2017


Trump will make his first address to the United Nations General Assembly today where he will lay out the Trump Doctrine and remind the world he ran a political campaign that was anti-world and "American First" - it should be a fascinating spectacle.

Trump's address to the 72nd session of the UNGA will take place at 10:30 am ET. 

BTW - White House advisers are so deeply skeptical of Trump's worldview that an American Power 101 session was held for POTUS at the Pentagon this summer. This news report reminds me of this stunning clip from Game Change where Sarah Palin receives a debrief on what's happening in the world - you can see the clip here.

Ending the EU's role in British life has been a 30-year issue for the UK Conservative Party and any hope that a Brexit vote would settle the matter within the political party hasn't happened. In fact, the outcome of the referendum vote seems to have made the divisions in the party even worse. The divisions are not surprising. The voters made a multi-generational decision which will shape the United Kingdom's culture, business, laws, academics, and global engagement for many, many decades.

PM May's how-to-depart the EU speech is set for Friday from Florence, Italy, which just got more intense with the release of Foreign Secretary Johnson's oped opus on the same subject. May and Johnson will see each other today as part of their UNGA duties. Some speculate that May wishes she could ask Johnson to stay behind in New York City and pursue a new line of work.

Germany is off to the polls on Sunday to elect the members of the 19th Bundestag. Many are expecting the vote will lead to a fourth term for Angela Merkel as Chancellor.

Robert Mueller's investigation into the Russian shenanigans of Election 2016 is broad, aggressive, and moving fast. Following an early morning raid on Paul Manafort's house in July, where the FBI even took photos of his well-stocked suit closet, Manafort was informed to expect an indictment.

I am not smart enough to know if Bitcoin is a place to invest, but I do know Chinese authorities crave control, especially over the nation's money and banking. So I do know a Bitcoin in the Middle Kingdom has a harsh existence.

Toys ‘R’ Us has filed for Chapter 11 protection, Facebook Messenger now has 1.3 billion monthly average users, and NBC tells Super Bowl advertisers to use kids or puppies, but not both in their commercials during the big game.

Mark Beaumont rode his bike around the world in only 79 days and NFL ratings continue to be downward possibly because the on-the-field product just isn't that good.

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