Ross Rant | September 11, 2017

Beijing loves currency control in all forms - the CCP can't help picking the winner and losers of China's economy. China's latest Bitcoin trading ban hits the world's largest cryptocurrency. Xi Jinping > Mao Tse-tung. Macron criticized for lack of a proper humanitarian response to the devastation in the French Caribbean. Brexit gets a vote in the House of Commons today. Irma knocked the power out for 40% of Florida. Bannon on 60 Minutes was as whacky as one would expect. The WSJ can't keep reporters because of Trump. Buy lithium - China and India want all cars to go electric. The "iPhone X" will cost $1,000 US dollars. Telsa, Irma, and a preview of a future of unprecedented corporate control over how we drive and what we drive. U2 does it perfectly every night. Miss North Dakota, Chris Froome, and Rafael Nadal all made history yesterday. Why does Los Angeles hate the NFL? 

Marc Ross

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