Ross Rant | October 3, 2017


When the world's largest car market and one of the world’s biggest automakers make the same decision in tandem, you know changes are a coming to the industry and it is the slow end of the production of internal combustion engines.

What is the thinking of the EU team in Brussels as they watch the fallout from the Catalonia referendum at the same time they manage Brexit? 

Currently, the EU is standing with Spain, but their commitment to the project must have its doubters among the staff. The bloc defends democratic rights but is wary of encouraging separatist forces.

A Nobel Prize awarded for the discovery of gravitational waves. Predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago as part of his theory of general relativity, gravitational waves are caused by colliding black holes and only first detected in 2015.  Measuring a gravitational wave is a massive challenge, moving at the speed of light and being thousands of times smaller than an atomic nucleus.

Close to 700 million people in China are expected to travel during the country’s National Day holidays, known as the Golden Week, which kicked off on Sunday.

The NHL drops a puck for the 100th season of play with a record 31 teams including the Vegas Golden Knights and the Pittsburgh Penguins looking for a Stanley Cup three-peat.

For the first time since 1994, there will be no break for the Olympics as the NHL will skip the games in South Korea and look for other grassroots ways to expand the league internationally.

Beyond the new Little Caesars Arena, my beloved Detriot Red Wings look to have a long season and could very well miss the playoffs again. Regardless the club is the gold standard of the league and has won 11 Stanley Cups.

The MLB playoffs start tonight with Twins playing the Yankees starting at 8:00 pm ET. But the only thing that matters for America's favorite pastime will the Indians of Cleveland finally win the World Series by the end of the month?

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