Ross Rant | October 13, 2017


Nats baseball: There are few things in life I have a deep passion for, but when my favorite teams fall short, it is simply the worst.

When the Wolverines, Red Devils, or Red Wings fall short, lose, collapse, or stumble I am in a foul mood that can last for days.

Here in the nation's capital, the city is waking up to another Nationals season cut short and not matching expectations. In a town full of type A personalities and high school class presidents, victory and success are deemed a birthright.

But like soccer's US Men's National Team, a culture of success hasn't yet been established with the Nats.

Creating a culture of success takes decades to foster such an ethos and is shaped by an ecosystem that pulses throughout all the committed stakeholders.

There is a reason Detroit is called Hockeytown. 

For one, they have been playing professional hockey in the city for nearly a century. Second, this is a place where cousins play floor hockey in the basement while uncles gather around the television to watch the game of the week. Third, the hottest date night possible is taking your favorite girl to the rink and watch the game live below some 50 championship banners and retired numbers.

Ask any Red Wings player what it is like to walk around Detroit after failing to match expectations. The words pamper and fawn won't be used to describe the encounter with the Michiganders living around 8 Mile metroplex.

Hockey in Detroit is bigger than life. It is legacy. It is family. It is love.

The Nats don't play in Baseballtown.

The baseball team in DC isn't even old enough to drive yet. The Nats have only been in the District since 2005, and when you start with Les Expos de Montréal as your foundation, there will be challenges to reach to promise land. 

The ecosystem of the Nats - including the fans, players, stadium workers, owners, and city - must support and demand excellence, display a commitment to victory in all phases, and harness the energy of the region to achieve success.

For my friends that are die-hard Nats fans, I'd look at the big picture.

What the team has accomplished on and off the field in a short period is just amazing. The team will win a World Series eventually - and probably a few. So be happy and enjoy the journey of building a culture of success.

Also remember, you're not a Browns or Brewers fan, thankfully.

Marc Ross

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